Fitness for all

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Fitness and health are related to each other. Fitness means “readiness”. Fit people enjoy life better than non-fit- people. The level of fitness includes all aspects of health and life. It affects physical, mental, and social health.

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness is the ability of the body to work efficiently. A physically fit person performs all living activities such as work and has still enough energy and vigor to respond to emergency situations and to enjoy leisure time activities. Physical activities include sports, dance, and activities done at work or at home, such as walking, climbing stairs, or mowing the lawn. When people do physical activity especially for the purpose of getting fit, we say they are doing exercise.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activities help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
It reduces feelings of stress, anxiety & depression.
Builds and maintains healthy bones, muscles & joints
Boosts energy level
Improves quality of sleep

Finding a Balance for your fitness

Calories in Food > Calories Used = Weight Gain
Calories in Food < Calories Used = Weight Loss
Calories in Food = Calories Used = Weight Control

7 tips to improve your fitness

A little effort can keep us healthy and fit for a long time. I am a fitness freak. Here I tell you 7 tips for your fitness

1: Eat regular interval in time

Eat less food in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take food in the frequent interval. Much use salad and green vegetable in your meal. Your lunch should begin with the salad and your dinner should begin with soups. Soups and salads are eaten before a meal and ensure that these have much water content which in turn helps in easy digestion of food. Your dinner should be light as far as possible. Try to take your dinner before 8.00 pm.

2: Daily exercise at least 20 to 30 minute

Get up early in the morning. Start your day with exercise. It is essential for your health. Start with walking then move to jogging at normal speed. After jogging take 2 to 3 rounds of fast running. The last round will increase your stamina and will help you in reducing weight. Kept in mind that the surface you use for running is smooth. Avoid concrete floor for running and jogging. These exercises help you to inhale fresh oxygen in your blood. Then you start your other exercises. It will keep you healthy, strong and fit.

3: Avoid oily and junk food

Oily and junk food contain a lot of fats that causes many diseases like obesity, heart diseases, and cancer. Before eating you should know that which food is better for your health? Try to taking food which has less fat and calories. If a food contains many fats and unhealthy for your health, just make your willpower strong and avoid it. Add little lemon in your food for making it more delicious.

4: Drink lots of water

Water is the natural product that is GOD gifted. Water prevents you for many diseases. Water helps you to digest your food. Water keeps skin glowing, increase memory and brain power. It helps in reducing weight. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluid. Water controls the calories of our body. Muscles are energizing with water so keep drinking for healthy life.

5: Engage in interesting activity

Keep yourself busy in things that you like. The activities include sports, dance, Book reading, watching TV, music, art and literature etc. whatever you like. When we perform these activities we generally don’t feel hungry. These activities increase our brain power and body movement. Perform activities to keep you healthy and strong.

6: Early to bed and early to rise

Early to bed and early to rise make people healthy, wealthy and wise. Early rising is the best time for the workout. Your sleeping hours are maximum 6 to 8hours. After sleeping when you get up early in the morning you have enough energy and power to perform your work and you enjoy your life with pleasure and energetic. It is important for good health. Nature sleeps early and we are part of nature, we should also sleep and wake up early.

7: Organic food

Start taking organic food as your thoughts are nothing but the reflection of what you eat. The foods that contain harmful chemicals are harmful to health. Choose green and organic food in your daily life routine. It will keep you healthy and strong for a long time.
Steps to Fitness
Write Your Personal Fitness Goal
Pre-participation Checklist
Start Moving!

With a little creativity and planning, even the person with the busiest schedule can make room for physical activity. For many folks, before or after work or meals is often an available time to cycle, walk or play. Think about your weekly or daily schedule and look for or make opportunities to be more active.


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